Podcast: Leinster Division 2A


More audio to distract you from your workday, especially if your club take part in Division 2a of the Leinster Junior league. Niall Moran joins Rob Murphy to discuss a league the contains a mixture of sleeping giants, emerging powerhouses and the usual handful of sides at a crossroads.

Clane, Gorey, Kilkenny, Malahide, Portlaoise, Roscrea, New Ross and Mullingar make up the league and all get a mention here.

Caption: Malahide on the attack against Kilkenny last season, the sides will be pushing for promotion again this year. Pic: Malahide website.

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28 Responses to “Podcast: Leinster Division 2A”

  1. billy bunion says:

    tough enough league to call, kilkenny and portlaoise will be favourites but i think roscrea could be a dark horse

    i wonder will portlaoise really steady the ship this year though? i think if they get a bad start they could be relegated again. the club is a shadow of its former self, a shambles by all accounts. mullingar and new ross to scrap it out with portlaoise at the bottom

  2. Good podcast lads, mullingar will def be safe but your right promotion is prob out of our reach

  3. JJ_Jones says:

    Great podcast lads.

    Malahide have recruited well by all accounts. They have just signed up last year’s Skerries full back David Quirke on a player-coach gig so he should bring some fire power out wide for the Mallys’.

  4. Leinster Man says:

    Great Signing for Malahide if that’s the case.

  5. That’s the last thing we need runnin at us out wide!!!!!!!

  6. the grunt says:

    think mullingar will struggle this year, they were poor for a large part of last season and lucky to get promoted

  7. An Luc says:

    Any players left in Skerries?

  8. dando says:

    any truth in the rumour that garda are not fielding a 2nds team this year?

    hope we dont have the same scenario as last year when skerries 2nds didnt field most wkends!

    it could be a major problem though as every club has lost players to emigration. a lot less players over 30 playing the game now too, even at 2nds and 3rds

  9. Digger says:

    Eh im sure there is An Luc, Skerries will be playing on Saturdays, Malahide on Sundays, hell be dual status no doubt.

    Plus the AIL takes so long to complete and has such ridiculous breaks between matches that Malahide will be finished their league LONG before Skerries will.

  10. An Luc says:

    Where are Skerries getting the players to replace these guys if they could’nt field a 2nds last year?

  11. JJ_Jones says:

    As a Balbriggan man An Luc, you must be devastated to see so many young Brig’ men heading under the Ardgillen Bridge to Holmpatrick.

  12. Flynn says:

    Dando to say Skerries didnt field a team most weekend is a bit of an exaggeration. They conceded 3 games out of 14. I know that is 3 games to many I know but there was an issue which the number of players available. Heard there is good numbers down at pre season so hopefully the numbers dont drop off during the year.

  13. Mark_R says:

    The signing of Quirke as a dual status player for malahide seems like a shrewd piece of business on their behalf. However I’m not convinced he would be good in a coaching position. I think his youthfulness and maverick playing style won’t be suited to a coaching role. Will tear up 2a as player though

  14. JJ_Jones says:

    Wasn’t he Leinster Juniors 15 there a couple of years ago? He’s got an eye for a gap from what i remember of him. Should add a bit of glamour to 2A i’d agree. Portlaoise usually have a pack of forwards to be reckoned with, a hideous lot of farmers.

    • Moosey says:

      Portlaoise are a shower of thugs , they played portarlington on Saturday in a friendly and all they were any good at was starting rows . Their lack of talent is clear to see , they slow down rucks by lying on the ball then start a fight if you spend it wide

      • Hotch says:

        I was at the match at the weekend with some friends living in Portlaoise and I’m not sure I’d entirely agree. I have heard they were a dirty enough team but this was my first time seeing them and to be honest in this match Portarlington started just as many fights as Portlaoise and basing my opinion on that match alone it would be hard to argue they were any more dirty then Portarlington. Not sure of any past problems with them so won’t comment! Generally though it was a typical preseason game with lots of mistakes

  15. Mark_R says:

    Ye I think you’re right about him being Leinster juniors and when he’s on form he certainly has a slant eye for the gap and can be devastating in broken field. All this will be irrelevant if the forwards don’t give the backs a platform. Also one player doesn’t make a team. Will be interesting to see how the season plays out

  16. An Luc says:

    Delighted to see Quirkey recognised as a Balbriggan man. He only has half a shirt anyway.

  17. marty mcfly says:

    if quirke gets his good eye in he would be a very good signing for malahide.

  18. reality says:

    Jesus isnt he great signing for a 2A team get over it.

  19. mr belvedere says:

    portlaoise were always noted for being a dirty side.
    i remember the year when they were relegated from 1a towards the end all they could do was fight, they were an embarrasment and its an awful place to go.
    hopefully they will never get back to 1a

  20. An Luc says:

    Glasshouses? Stones? There have been a lot of good guys from Portlaoise over the years and this is beginning to sound like a witch hunt. There are gobshites in every club, both players and coaches so have a look at your self first before you degenerate a whole club.

  21. Tayto says:

    Nothing wrong with a bit of dirt, are you all soft harden the feck up1

  22. dando says:

    nice one tayto, great way to promote the game!
    every club does indeed have idiots who cross the line, but as i recall portlaoise were notorious for years, and when they were relegated and realised they coulnt play rugby they had to resort to fighting.

    sure a bit of eye gouging and rucking on the head is fine!
    this will definitely make more kids take up the game. idiot

  23. Tayto says:

    Please, someone think of the children!

    • cronin the barbarian says:

      tayto is right, too much fake tan and yellow boots in the game today. kids need to be toughened up. i remember one time playing in england and i popped out my shoulder at the bottom of a ruck, there was no doctor so the opposition prop got me against the post and popped her back in and i soldiered on! its rugby we are playing not badminton!

  24. Haha i cant wait to play there this year!!!!

  25. mr belvedere says:

    i heard monkstown have lost a good few players to other clubs, they will find the going tough in 1b this year


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