Heineken Connacht Junior Cup Draw LIVE


The Heineken Connacht Junior Cup draw was made in Westport on Monday night and here it is.

Heineken Junior Cup

First Round – Sunday January 6th
Portumna v UCG
Castlebar v Carrick on Shannon
Corrib v Creggs
Ballyhaunis v Ballinasloe
Buccaneers v Ballinrobe
Sligo 2nds v Connemara 2nds
Dunmore bye
Gort bye

Second Round – January 13th
Loughrea v Gort
Portumna/UCG v Sligo 2nds/Connemara
Westport v Ballyhaunis/Ballinasloe
Corinthians v Dunmore
Corrib/Creggs v Castlebar/Carrick on Shannon
Buccaneers/Ballinrobe v OLBC
Ballina v Monivea
Tuam v Galwegians
Quarter Final – February 3rd

Semi Final – February 24th

Final – March 31st

* Division 1a teams received an automatic bye to Round 2

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28 Responses to “Heineken Connacht Junior Cup Draw LIVE”

  1. 123 says:

    Is the third round a new draw?

  2. BULL says:

    3rd round draw to made in the following days after round 2

  3. CitySlicker says:

    Ballina vs Monivea……you could not write it!

  4. general-lee says:

    After a run of shocking form Ballina should be well up for this match, they should be relishing the prospect of 1st round Mona at home as opposed to a far weaker team and meetin the likes of Mona/Wegians etc at a later stage in the cup. Mona as always will be well up for it, last time the two sides met in Ballina was very little between them, hopefully the win against OLBC has gotten Ballina back on track and should be a good match up.

    Side note..id say the Tuam Wegians game could be a good one too!

  5. Eh, excuse me mate says:

    Ye, that’s the way i was thinking about the Ballina Mona match, it’ll be interesting!

    Tuam Wegians game depends on what team Wegians decide to send to Tuam. Reckon Wegians will edge it.

  6. baz says:

    Weigans have yet to send a weak side to tuam and it wont start here.all depends if tuams injured are back in time if not weigans to take it.ballina will have to do a lot to take mona i feel.all comes down to what happens mona in next round of al ireland cup.

  7. Eh, excuse me mate says:

    Sure we’ll see!

    Anyway, i don’t think the eventual winner has been mentioned yet…

  8. baz says:

    Everyone has a fav im sure.westport for me.

  9. eager beaver says:

    does anyone know why all the j1a teams are home in the 2nd round is this because of some eliteist seeding system its disgracful to be honest……… looks like the winner of mona v ballina will be the winners hard to see any other outcome maybe boys club could be holding out for a decent cup run as their league form is worse than useless,

  10. general-lee says:

    Anything can happen in cup rugby, thats the beauty of it. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day.

  11. johnny says:

    Yeah eager beaver, disgraceful, all the J1A teams are at home and it is elitist especially the holders Galwegians, they’ve got to play their elitist home draw in Tuam.

  12. realistic says:

    tuams injurys will have no bearing on the outcome of the game wegians will win and it will be the ballina and tuam in the plate final

  13. baz says:

    Realistic ur very sure of yourself with ur comment find it hard to c how u can be considering that weigans lost to westport last week,tuam bet westport and ballina,as said its cup rugby but i wouldn put money on weigans just yet unless a different team turns up in tuam which wouldn shock anyone i suppose.

  14. Show us your medals says:

    Baz ya c**t there have been no fast ones pulled at all in wegians team is consistent with only players coming in last week because of exams and one or two injuries… And you will find that they play there rugby with the 3rds or 21s ya thick culchy f**k would ya go back in your hole and watch the cricket… And who cares who tuam did or didn’t beat fact of the matter is they lost to wegians twice already this year

  15. baz says:

    When ur finished with ur little rant there fair play on the name callin….my point was based on the weigans team that played the first game of the season and the one that played the last few weeks.never mentioned any fast ones and im well aware who weigans pick from and fair play to them but they have players who bench for there firsts playin and what i meant was depending on selection they could b stronger.I have an opinion and from the last time i checked u werent goin ta stop me from expressing it.grow a pair.best of luck to ye in the game lets hope for an upset be great ta see.

  16. mattie says:

    Tough ask for Ballinasloe to go up to Mayo try to beat Ballyhaunis and if they win they have to go back up the following week and try to beat Westport. Good luck with that one!

  17. query says:

    Baz i thought senior teams bench players are aloud play for the next team in their club? Fair play for them playing because it surely lifts the standard of a junior games they play in?

  18. query says:


  19. Steve says:

    Great to see a bit of banter back lads!!!

  20. Long John says:

    I don’t know what’s more depressing. The bleak winter weather or Connacht Junior rugby threads. They plague this site constantly taking up valuable space which should be dedicated to the three rugby playing provinces on the island.

    In terms of predictions, the 2nd round bout betweeen these two stands out.

    Loughrea v Gort

    A tough one to call here as I’ve never heard of either team. Two 15 man selections of weathered culchies will emerge from bushes / mountains / lakes / nightclub door security jobs to contest this fixture on a bog in the western pastures of Galway. Not all will survive. Some points may or may not be scored. Rugby will not be the winner.

    • bigballs says:

      Long john get you facts right Loughrea got to both cup finals last year. if you know nothing about these two teams why comment on them.

  21. TheCatLad says:

    Long John, God Bless you!

  22. Eh, excuse me mate says:

    nicely captured long john!

  23. realistic says:

    “long john” im sorry but your definitely a virgin!! carlos is back boys

  24. thetighthead says:

    tuam wegians,,, tuam have lost twice this season to them, first game by a single point second game tuam were neck and neck until last ten mins if i recall right,
    its set for a great game of rugby
    cup rugby is cup rugby any one can win it

    i for one am looking forward to it

  25. locallad says:

    Did anyone one look at the other side of the draw, the main game will be Westport v Corinthians in the 1/4 finals, then probably Loughrea, so not the most difficult path to the final for the men from the city team.

    If you dont believe me check out the link below from the branch website



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