Cill Dara Deducted 12pts

Cill Dara

Points Deduction for Cill Dara

After a Leinster Branch meeting on Thursday evening, it was confirmed that Cill Dara RFC first xv have been deducted 12 points in Division 1a of the Leinster Junior League for what the Leinster Branch website termed as a ‘transfer form irregularity’.

As a result of the decision, Cill Dara drop from fourth to eight in the league and are now two points behind Tullow in the standings having played a game more.

Cill Dara released the following statement on Friday.

“At a Competitions Committee hearing last night, Cill Dara Rugby Club were found guilty of a transfer form irregularity relating to one of their senior squad members.

Although it was an administrative error made earlier in the season, Cill Dara were deducted 12 points in Division 1A of the Leinster League and they were ordered to play their first Provincial Towns Cup tie next season away from home.

“Our Division 1A game against Wanderers tomorrow has now been postponed and has been refixed for Sunday 9th March.”

The Club also released a statement from 20113/14 president Conor Byrne.

“Cill Dara RFC notes the verbal decision of the Leinster Rugby Committee, which met last night to adjudicate on a clerical error made by Cill Dara RFC in the transfer of a player. Cill Dara RFC would like to thank the committee for the fair and professional manner in which the meeting took place.

“Cill Dara RFC also notes the deduction of twelve points from Cill Dara RFC in the Leinster League Division 1A. Cill Dara RFC also notes that the player in question is now clear to play with the club.

“Cill Dara RFC is awaiting the written decision of the committee. It will consider the findings over the weekend and a decision on an appeal will not be taken till then. Cill Dara RFC will not be making any further comment on this issue until this decision has been taken.”

What this all means….

The disappointment within the club is no doubt enormous as they were in the midst of a hugely impressive campaign having won four of their last five to pull clear of relegation trouble and all but guaranteeing All Ireland Cup rugby next year.

Now they find themselves bottom of the table on 17 points, two behind Tullow who play their game in hand against Dundalk this Sunday. A win for Tullow in that fixture will see Cill Dara automatically relegated.

As a result of Cill Dara’s involvement in relegation issues now, their final game of the campaign with Wanderers has to be moved back to March 9th meaning their outstanding Towns Cup tie with Midland Warriors will now take place on March 16th.

Updated League Table

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13 Responses to “Cill Dara Deducted 12pts”

  1. macdaddy says:

    Not a Cill Dara man but isn’t that a bit harsh for a player that is still cleared to still play with them!! Really an administrative error going back to start of campaign had potentially done them out of their Leinster 1A status!!

  2. Observer says:

    Not either and think this is crazy stuff out of the branch, I see Lansdowne have all teams this season at all levels -3 points for a similar infringement last season. To relegate a team over a clerical error is a bad decision. Must have really pissed someone off in branch. Does this mean the teams they took points off with this player involved are to obtain the 4 points for the loss. There is precedence for it!!!! If it were the case and I see they have beaten Clondalkin, Tullow & Coolmine in last three wins, that would automatically relegate Cill Dara and move Clondalkin and Tullow up the table making the last round all or nothing really!!!!! Interesting!!

  3. SeanChillChuilinn says:

    I’m not a Cill Dara man either but I have to agree with the previous two posts, seems very harsh. Why 12 points, how did they decide on that number of points to deduct?

  4. Breaking News says:

    < < < < < Comment Deleted > > > > See our Charter for guidelines as to why.

  5. Horse says:

    How did they get found out? Tough on the player’s but you can’t be at that.

  6. flashgordan says:

    while it does seem a bit harsh, rules are rules. every club gets new players each season so there is no excuse for not knowing the correct procedure 100%. if the branch were not to act then this would no doubt open a huge can of worms the next time that this happened to a different club

    in my opinion they should have been thrown out of the towns cup for this and deducted 6 points rather than 12.

    • Breaking News says:

      Oh FFS! Let’s be all PC then shall we? Apparently there was a dubious signature on a transfer document somewhere in some club for some player signed by someone.

      • flashgordan says:

        oh right, so you are saying that they shouldn’t be punished at all then?
        you can’t have one rule for a ‘genuine mistake’ and another for a cynical breach of rules. remember monkstown were deducted points and ultimately were relegated 2 years ago for a similar error. anyway im sure that if it was a genuine mistake the branch would not have deducted 12 points.

  7. Fuifuimoimoi says:

    I smell a rat here…how did something like this appear at this time?very very fishy ….has to be someone at the secretarial side of things connected to an ‘in trouble club’ ….tullow,clon..scorty…feel sorry for cil dara…

    • Breaking News says:

      Fishy? Are you joking. The only fishy business is from the club itself. The fact that the issue was identified is hardly fishy now is it? Yes I also feel very sorry for the Cill Dara but only the players and coaches. They have been let down in the most devastating fashion by their club administrators.

      Yes Flashgordon that’s the point I was making in my deleted post earlier. A genuine error? Fair enough. Take a light punishment but this must be something much more serious to merit a 12 point deduction.

      Again… Very sorry for the Cill Dara players and coaches…

  8. flashgordan says:

    fair enough breaking, i didnt see your earlier post before it was deleted and didnt get the sarcasm from the other post!
    id agree, a 12 point deduction is probably unprecedented so it must be a very serious breach

  9. john downey says:


  10. declanskidneys says:

    Until the full details are revealed – there is no point in everyone going mad at each other on this thread. I will say this though, being a monkstown man, the branch seem to lack any consistency and general common sense whatsoever when dealing with these types of situatons. My club were treated ridiculously harshly a couple of seasons ago which resulted in us being relegated, for what the branch even admitted was a genuine administrative error, as opposed to a genuine attempt to cheat. If Cill Daras was a genuine error, they have my sympathies, and if it was an attempt at cheating , then they deserve everything they get. One thing is for sure, going on my clubs experience, this isnt over by a long shot for Cill Dara. No doubt there will be appeals, counter appeals and then more appeals. Knowing the branch, they will wait until they see all the final results from the last round of games to see how it pans out, but ive a feeling that this one will run and run for long time yet!


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